Momofuku Noodle Bar needed its own content identity.

When Noodle Bar opened its new location at Columbus Circle in late 2018, we wanted to start a new platform to showcase just Noodle Bar content.

People had known the restaurant for ramen and buns for a decade and a half. In that time, countless other restaurants opened with a similar roster of dishes. We needed a way to show how our Noodle Bar was different by showcasing the thought-processes that went into the food.

For pre-opening, we built a landing page on Instagram which highlighted key ingredients and foods that people had associated with Noodle Bar over the years. The menu at the new location was still pending so we could not show finished dishes.


The landing page featured key ingredients and long-time staff members.

For post-opening, we built a content strategy around the idea of breaking down the Instagram feed. Rather than have posts function as individual posts, they would act as a series, which broke down the steps to a single dish. Visually, we matched this idea of breaking down dishes by breaking up the Instagram feed using borders.


The backgrounds served to bookend series within the Instagram feed.

We dove deeper with Instagram stories and longer-form content, which we featured in our newsletter. Click here to view our story on the bun-making process, which was new to Noodle Bar at Columbus Circle.